Is It Time To Update Your Camera? The Nikon D820 or D900 with 72MP Sensor Is Coming!

Are you a Nikon user and just love your D800 or D810 but are in need of an upgrade? If you are in need of a replacement, but have been waiting for Nikon to release its next camera... and the wait is almost over! According to an article we saw on PhotographyTalk, the new will be coming out soon but the date is still unknown.

In their article, PhotographyTalk said, "The rumor mill is in full swing regarding what Nikon has coming. Something with a 72-megapixel sensor, sure would be nice, though it’s not a guarantee."

The name of the new camera might be the D820, the D850, the D900, or could even be something else totally. But based on the current competition out there today - as well as the past Nikon models that are so popular - this new camera will very likely have outstanding features to go along with it.

Nikon has a pattern of when they have introduced their new camera models in the past and they tend to come out every two year. Based on that, PhotographyTalk assumes that the Nikon D810 replacement will be available for purchase very soon. There has been no official release date announcement from Nikon. 

PhotographyTalk said, "with Canon unveiling the 5DS and 5DSR which both have a 50.6-megapixel sensor and Sony unveiling the A7R II with a 42.4-megapixel sensor, it’s reasonable to assume that Nikon wants to take the megapixel war to the next level. One rumor that seems persistent is that the D820/D850/D900 will have a sensor with an incredible 70-80-megapixels!"

This is all very exciting for anyone who is in the need for a new camera or who has been patiently waiting to upgrade their Nikon D810. For even more detail, check out the original article on PhotographyTalk

What are your thoughts on the rumors of Nikon's newest camera? Are you excited for it? Tell us below!


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Check Out This Nikon Camera Halloween Costume That Actually Took Photos!

You have probably seen so many different and unique Halloween costumes that people have posted over the past week on social media, but we are pretty sure you have not seen one like this! Photographer Bryan Troll decided to turn himself into a Nikon camera that actually took photos and included a working flash and an LCD screen. 

Here is what he said in an article we saw on PetaPixel that was originally quoted on DIY Photography, "I spent at least 40 hours making it over many late nights, about $100 in cardboard, tape, rubber cement, plexiglass, and spray paint, and stuffed it with a few thousand dollars in camera equipment.”

We want to give Bryan some serious props for creating such a unique Halloween costume that actually worked! Pretty amazing. Be sure to check out the photos of his Nikon camera Halloween costume below. 

You can also check out this video by Bryan where he shows how the Nikon camera Halloween costume actually works. 

How cool and creative was this Halloween costume?!? Here are a few other great blog posts you may enjoy:

Are you looking to buy your own Nikon camera? Here is the Nikon D810 on Amazon! This camera (body only) has a 36.3 MP FX-format CMOS sensor without an Optical Low Pass Filter, a 30% faster EXPEED 4 image processing engine, 51-point AF system and 3D Color Matrix metering III with a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor, and an ISO 64-12,800 expandable to 51,200. 


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5 Cool Things To Know About The Nikon D810

It does not matter what brand of camera you love, each camera has different features that work for all different types of photographers. If you are a Nikon user, you may or may not have the newest version - the Nikon D810. If you have considered upgrading to the newest one day in the future, we wanted to share with you 5 cool things that you should know about the Nikon D810 before you buy! 

1. The Nikon D810 has no OLPF/AA filter.

The difference between the D800 and the D800E is the filter stack in front of the sensor. This mean that the D800 has two stacks of anti-aliasing/blur filters along with the regular UV/IR filter, which is what effectively reduces moire in images. The D800E, on the other hand, has a blur filter in the front of the filter stack, which is cancelled out by another filter at the end,

The Nikon D810 does not have the two low pass filters, so there is nothing that needs to be cancelled out. Only a regular filter stack (mostly to combat UV) is present in front of the camera sensor. There is practically no difference between the D810 and the D800E which reveals that the Nikon D800E filter stack was probably designed that way for cost reduction reasons. Now there is no need to do that, since both D800 and D800E have been combined into one line.

2. EXPEED 4 offers better autofocus performance and is 30% faster. 

The EXPEED 4 processor applies faster calculations to fast-changing scenes, which in turn improves autofocus speed and accuracy. The Nikon D810 gains exactly the same autofocus system as the D4s, so we can expect similar improvements in performance.

With a roughly 30% faster processor, the D810 can process images faster too, so the improvement is not only limited to the autofocus system. Thanks to the faster processor, images are also handled faster and more aggressive noise reduction algorithms are applied at high ISOs in the imaging pipeline. EXPEED 4 also translates to faster frames per second and other performance gains listed below.

3. The battery and MB-D12 are compatible. 

No need to worry about buying different batteries for the D810 if you are upgrading from the earlier version, because the older EN-EL15 battery is compatible with the D810! In addition, the MB-D12 battery grip for the D800/D800E is also compatible with the D810, which should make it easier for existing Nikon owners to make the transition if upgrading to this version. 

4. Electronic Front-Curtain Shutter completely eliminates camera shake. 

As a photographer you probably know how simple shutter vibration can impact images when shooting at slow shutter speeds. The new Electronic Front-Curtain Shutter on the Nikon D810 is amazing for this issue! When shooting, once the mirror is raised and the camera is in Live View mode, the shutter does not have to close and reopen at the beginning of the exposure. The shutter is only lowered at the very end of the exposure, which obviously does nothing to introduce potential blur. As long as you do not have continuous vibrations due to wind or other factors, the Electronic Front-Curtain Shutter will give you sharp, blur-free images. This mode will also work in Mirror Lock-Up mode, so it is not just limited to Live View!

5. Lower Base ISO of 64 and Higher Native ISO of 12,800. 

Most of you know that cameras give the best dynamic range at the lowest base ISO. With the D800 and D800E, the base ISO was 100, so you get the best performance at ISO 100. Although these cameras offered a “low boosted” ISO of 50, it is not native to the sensor, meaning that it is a software boost, which only reduces the dynamic range. With the D810, the base ISO is 64, so it is native to the sensor. This means that the best dynamic range on the D810 will be at ISO 64 and you can further “low boost” it to ISO 32. Having the ability to shoot at ISO 32 means you might not need to carry your ND filter when you need to use a slower shutter. For photographers that want to shoot wide open with fast f/1.4 lenses or with flash in bright daylight conditions, this is a definite plus. The native ISO range has been also been expanded to 64-12,800 range from 100-6,400. This means lower amounts of noise at high ISO levels, particularly past ISO 1600. 

So, what do you think of all these cool features and upgrades? If you are a Nikon user, tell us in the comments below what your favorite feature of this camera is. 

These are just a few of the cool features that the Nikon D810 offers to its users. To see even more cool thing that the model offers, check out this post on Photography Life.

Are you looking to purchase your own Nikon D810 or want to upgrade? If you are looking to purchase your own, check out this Nikon D810 today

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First Photos And Specs Of The Nikon D5 Leaked

Calling all Nikon lovers out there! The first photos and specs of the new Nikon D5 leaked. We saw on PetaPixel that Nikon Rumors began sharing some specs that were rumored of the body of the new Nikon a few months ago, but now they have the first known photos of the D5 DSLR which are included here. 

Here is a photo of the current Nikon D4S that you can use for comparison: 

You can see from the photos below that the physical interface on the top of the camera has some small tweaks. There is a redesigned Nikon "swoosh," a new ISO button, no MODE button on top, a relocated video recording button and a few microphone holes right above the D5 on the front of the camera.

PetaPixel also says that Nikon Rumors are very confident of a number of rumored specs including: the camera will feature 153 autofocus points with a new focusing module that has a larger coverage area. There is also a native high ISO of 102, 400, up from ISO 25,600 in the D4S. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of the new Nikon D5 which is expected in early 2016! We are excited!  

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Is the Nikon D810 Right For You?

We have talked about the Canon 5DS R and the Sony a7R, so today we want to tell you all about the Nikon D810. Since we are offering one of these 3 cameras as our prize for our current camera giveaway, we want to tell you about each one so you can make the best decision possible as to which one would be best for the type of photography you do. 

The Nikon D810, with its level of detail and sharpness, the wide dynamic range and rich tonality, has outstanding image quality. This camera is very versatile and perfect for those multifaceted shooters and will ignite your creativity and help you capture amazing photographs. Read below to hear all about the camera's great features. 

36.3 MP FX-Format Frame

This all new format full-frame image sensor design with 36.3 megapixels with no optical low-pass filter, 

New EXPEED 4 Image Processing

Nikon's new EXPEED 4 design is 30% faster than its predecessor, 25% faster frame rates (5 fps), a wider ISO range of 64-12,800 with low noise throughout, smooth gradations, a wide dynamic range, optimizations for 1080 60 p video and more. 

Electronic Front Curtain Shutter System

Internal vibration has been nearly eliminated with a newly designed sequencer mechanism and the Electric Front Curtain Shutter system. 

Take Production To The Next Level

Bring the camera's remarkable image quality and dynamic range to 1080p videos recorded at 60/50/30/25/24p uncompressed to an external device, compressed to an internal CF/SD card or both simultaneously. You can move between light and dark scenes without any iris or frame-rate adjustments thanks to ISO Auto Adjust. It also offers broadcast-caliber audio control right in the camera. 

Exposure Smoothing and Highlight-Weighted Metering

You will be able to create smooth, even time-lapse sequences thanks to this new feature! And then, with the Highlight-weighted Metering, you can preserve details in both the shadowy and bright areas of stage performances and other spot-lit situations.

Easier Handling

This Nikon offers a deeper grip that ensures stable handling, even if you happen to have smaller hands. There is a brighter viewfinder that provides 100% frame coverage for easier visibility and the scratch and shock resistant TFT LCD display has wide viewing angles and enhanced visibility in sunlight. And, the new split-screen feature lets you monitor two different points of a scene side-by-side to ensure proper leveling or focus. 




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