Photo Of The Week

This week's photo of the week was taken in Costa Rica by Tra Hitt of Tarpon Springs, FL. 

Here is what Tra had to say about the photo: "This was from our honeymoon, in July of 2015. We had just stopped at a bridge over River Tarcolos at it's terminus into the Pacific Ocean to look at Saltwater Crocodiles. Just as we got moving again, I looked away from the ocean toward the mountains and saw this field off to the east. I actually think I just stopped the car until my wife implored me to actually pull over onto the side of the highway.  In a ridiculously gorgeous country, even the fields are magic." 

Tra Hitt is a photographer in Florida. You can see more of his work on his website You can also follow him on  Instagram and Facebook

We Want To Feature Your Work! 

Do you have some really amazing photos you have taken recently or some of your past work that you simply love? We want to see! Each Tuesday, we will be featuring a "photo of the week" right here on the Camera Giveaways blog. We are looking for anything from amazing landscape photos, a gorgeous wedding or engagement shot, sports or animal photography, an awesome fashion photo...whatever you want to share, we would love to see!

Email your photos to with the subject "CG Blog Photo Submission" for consideration. In your email be sure to include a description of your photo, your name and company name as well as website and social media links. Please... no watermarks! If this information is not included, your photo will not be included.