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A Couple's Creative Photos From Opposite Sides Of The World

This couple makes art together called ShinLiArt and their relationship recently became a long distance one where Seok Li is living in Seoul, South Korea and Danbi Shin is living in New York City. Their creativity still lives on as they have not let distance get in the way. They began these creative photos from opposite sides of the world that they post on their Instagram account.  

Their photos feature half-and-half split screen photos that blend their two worlds in beautiful ways. They each have been shooting similar scenes in their cities and then splicing them together to create interesting mashups that show the differences and the similarities of living in South Korea and the USA.

The name of their project is "Half & Half" and the couple says they work on this project together in real time, despite the 12-hour time difference, communicating over the phone and snapping the photos simultaneously. Check out a few of their great photos below that we originally found on Petapixel

If you want to follow this project, follow them on Instagram @shinliart. Be sure to check out this couples art on their website

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