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Tips And Inspiration On Sports Photography By Damian Strohmeyer

Everyone loves watching an awesome sporting event. Having a photographer capture those events with great photography is also important to each type of sport... it helps to showcase the best plays and moments of the game to fans all over the world. Damian Strohmeyer is a sports photographer who has shot at The World Series, The NCAA Basketball Tournament, The World Cup, The Stanley Cup, The Olympics, and the past 28 Super Bowls. 

We wanted to share a short video with you today where Damian is talking about his tips for taking the amazing sports photography that he takes. He will talk about some of the important parts of taking a sport photo to make it stand out from the rest, explains what his favorite lens is and so much more. Enjoy! 

Damiam Strohmeyer and this video was done by Canon in their Explorers of Light showcase series, in which members of their pro team discuss their careers and their passion for photography.

Established in the mid-90’s, Canon’s ‘Explorers of Light’ team comprises dozens of highly skilled professional photographers and cinematographers, representing a wide range of specialties and styles.

To see more from Damian Strohmeyer, visit his website at www.damianstrohmeyer.com

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