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Tips And Inspiration On Sports Photography By Damian Strohmeyer

Everyone loves watching an awesome sporting event. Having a photographer capture those events with great photography is also important to each type of sport... it helps to showcase the best plays and moments of the game to fans all over the world. Damian Strohmeyer is a sports photographer who has shot at The World Series, The NCAA Basketball Tournament, The World Cup, The Stanley Cup, The Olympics, and the past 28 Super Bowls. 

We wanted to share a short video with you today where Damian is talking about his tips for taking the amazing sports photography that he takes. He will talk about some of the important parts of taking a sport photo to make it stand out from the rest, explains what his favorite lens is and so much more. Enjoy! 

Damiam Strohmeyer and this video was done by Canon in their Explorers of Light showcase series, in which members of their pro team discuss their careers and their passion for photography.

Established in the mid-90’s, Canon’s ‘Explorers of Light’ team comprises dozens of highly skilled professional photographers and cinematographers, representing a wide range of specialties and styles.

To see more from Damian Strohmeyer, visit his website at

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5 Tips For Better Outdoor Sports Photography

The warmer months are full of outdoor sports and activities. Whether it is baseball, soccer, golf, tennis or any other sport you can do outside, you may be tasked with capturing photos of one of these specific sports. We have talked before about tips on indoor sports photography so today we wanted to share a few tips to help take better outdoor sports photography. 

1. Have A Zoom Lens Handy

You will want to take photos of the entire group, but while photographing a sporting event, it is also great to capture close-up images of players in action or even on the sidelines. It is very important you have a zoom lens that allows you to zoom in and get a crisp, clean shot. 

Here is a good zoom lens that will work nicely with Canon SLR cameras. And here is a zoom lens for Nikon cameras

Photo credit: CNN

Photo credit: CNN

2. Use A Low ISO

The brighter it is outside where you are photographing, the lower you should set your ISO. Even if you are shooting at night, if you have a stadium full of lights, the settings would most likely be similar for you because the lights make it so bright. 

3. Bring Along A Tripod 

Even though you may be moving all around the field so you can document all the great moments and plays of the game or sport, you never know when you need a little more stabilization. A tripod is always a perfect way to secure the camera and be able to take shots when you are sure to not be shaking or moving. 

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Photo credit:

Photo credit:

4. Use A Higher Shutter Speed

You want to have your shutter speed fast enough to capture the moment without having the photo turn out blurry. And especially when shooting outdoors, the fast shutter speed will help compensate for the brightness of the sun. You have to make sure you do find a balance though; a shutter speed that is TOO fast may leave the photo too dark. Depending on the variables of your shooting conditions, you just want to adjust your shutter speed as you go... for example, if the sun goes behind the clouds every few minutes. 

5. Capture Every Angle and Be Ready

Just like any sport, you never know what is going to happen. You need to stay alert so you are aware and ready for great photo opportunities, but also for your own safety as you do not want to get caught up in the middle of the game. Make sure you move around the sidelines so you do not miss out on a potentially perfect angle for a photo.   

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8 Tips To Take Awesome Indoor Sports Photography

Are you a sports photographer that shoots many indoor games such as basketball, hockey or volleyball? Many indoor sports are very fast paced and you are typically working with the funky lighting that comes with playing in an arena or gymnasium. Today, we want to share with you a few things to consider if you are an indoor sports photographer. 

1. Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

When it comes to which camera is best, it really depends on the photographer. As long as you are shooting with a reliable DSLR but you want to make sure you have good lenses. More importantly, you want to have a lens with a long zoom with a large aperture. 

And just like any other type of photography, you want to make sure you have all the necessities including extra batteries, a backup memory card just in case, and you may even want to have a back up camera body if that is something you have. It is also important to have a handy gear bag that is easy to carry. 

2. Arrive Early And Scope Out The Scene

There are many good reasons to get to the game early. First, you want to have time to scope out the venue, especially if you have never shot there before. It is good to help you understand where the best places to stand would be and who knows, you may even find a unique angle that you never had before. 

Arriving early before game time could also beneficial because you can get some great pre-game photos of each team warming up together, having pre-game meetings or rituals. These types of photos are what help tell the entire story of the game from start to finish and it is a great time to capture photos of individual players. 

Photo credit: USA Today

Photo credit: USA Today

3. Understand The Sport

You must know the game you are photographing. If you are shooting a basketball game, knowing when they are playing a zone defense or man-to-man is helpful so you know what you should be looking for. If you are familiar with the players it will be helpful to better realize when they are getting ready to pass to their top dunker. Is it better to stand on the home side or the visitor side. Remember that you are there to photograph the big picture - you are there to tell the story of the game from start to finish. 

4. Be Aware And Cautious

It is always dangerous to be standing on the sidelines of a very fast-paced sporting event. Players run, jump and fall out of bounds all throughout the game and if you are not aware or your attention is elsewhere, you could get injured. Stay focused on the game and what is going on around you at all times. 

5. Focus On Specifics

Many sports are action sports and you want to capture as many of those action shots as you can but some of the best sports photos are ones that focus on the little details. The sparkle in the players' eyes when he or she scores, or the numbers on the jersey of the player who finally got his chance in the game. Maybe you could even focus a shot on the ball or puck or the intense face that the coach has as he is in a huddle with his players. 

Another great thing to remember is that a sporting event is not all about the game. You also want to capture the excitement of the fans, the mom and dad that are embracing when their son or daughter scored the winning shot or even the mascot as they excite the crowd. 

6. Use Your DSLR Back Button Focus Feature

Most DSLRs have an option that allows you to assign auto focus functions to a button that is located on the back of the camera. When a player passes between you and the player you have been trying to focus on, typically your focus will be shifted to the new player in the frame. With back-button focus, all you have to do is remove your finger from the button when another player enters the frame. Pressing the back button again when the distracting player leaves the frame resumes your original focus quickly and easily.

Photo credit: Toronto Sun

Photo credit: Toronto Sun

7. Shutter Speed

It is best to start with a shutter speed of 1/500 and then adjust your settings accordingly until you get the look you want in your photos. Once you get it where you want, it will most likely be pretty consistent over the course of the entire game, since the lighting typically stays the same - unless the venue has windows that can bring in natural sunlight. 

If you are using flash, determine the maximum shutter speed your flash will allow which is typically 1/250 (but be sure that you check your manual for "flash sync speed" just to be sure). Start with that and then adjust your aperture and ISO accordingly.  

8. Try Out Different Angles

Be sure you get photos from different angles if you are able to. Try capturing some shots of players from down lower and also move higher to get ariel shots if you can. If you know the game, you will know when it is best to be where. Different angles will make for some great and unique shots... it is always best when you are able to mix it up at bit. 

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Awesome Photos of Extreme Surfers And The Northern Lights

Most of the time when you think of surfing, you think of a beach with the hot sun and other beach-goers relaxing and enjoying the sand and water. In Norway's Lofoten archipelago in the Artic Circle, surfing is just a bit different! There, the surfers endure March ocean temperatures of 5–6°C and air temperatures around 0°C. 

Olivier Morin, an Agence France-Presse photographer, took these photos in March 2016 that show intrepid Norwegians and visitors riding waves and admiring the amazing Northern Lights. We hope you enjoy his work below that we originally found on BuzzFeed

Be sure to check out all of the photos on BuzzFeed. If you think these photos are awesome, here are a few others we think you will enjoy. 


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Improve Your Sports Photography With These 5 Tips

Do you love photographing sporting events and lots of action? It is a bit of a thrill capturing that winning touchdown in the end zone or the final step that the winner runner took over the finish line. We always say that no matter what it is that you capture with your photography, you always want to strive to keep learning and growing. Today, we want to share with you 5 tips to help you improve your sports photography. 

Whether you have been shooting sports for years or you are just getting into that niche, we hope these tips are helpful to you! 

1. Know the sport backwards and forwards. 

It is so important for you to really know the sport you are photographing. When you take a photo, you need to be able to anticipate the action that is ahead. If you are capturing action shots from a football game, you must know how the teams line up, where they are on the field and anticipate which plays will be happening next based on what is going on in the game. Same with any sport - racing, basketball, hockey, swimming... if you are planning to photograph a sport you have not before, do your research, learn the game and understand it. 

Photo credit: Matthew Emmons, USA Today Sports

Photo credit: Matthew Emmons, USA Today Sports

2. Don't just take photos, actually tell a story with your shots. 

Anyone can go out there and capture a few shots here and there on each play. But what make a great shooter stand out is how he or she captures the story. They know what is on the line for the game they are photographing, they know each of the major players in the game and what is on the line for them and wants to share what happens through their work. You also need to capture the audience to help tell the story... a crazy fan who is all decked out in the team colors, a coach on the sideline with a determined expression and even the way the losing team looks defeated at the end. And make sure you do not stop shooting when the whistle blows when the play is over. There is so much of the story in between plays... you could see the players showing nervousness, excitement, celebration and so much more. You have to be sure to capture every single important moment so you can truly tell a story through the photos. 

3. Be your biggest critic. 

Shooting sports can be difficult. There is so much going on that you have to be alert and ready at all times and with the players always moving, falling, jumping or whatever else they may be doing, you have to capture the shot at the perfect time. Sometimes your photos may come out blurry or from the angle you were at you can not really see the ball or get the whole picture of what you were trying to focus on. Realize that the photo is not your best, learn from it what you could do different the next time around and move on. Being your biggest critic is a great way to continue to learn and improve with every single photo you take. 

Photo credit: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II via Sports Illustrated

Photo credit: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II via Sports Illustrated

4. Find unique angles. 

If you are shooting a professional sports game, there will most likely be tons of other photographers there trying to capture all of the same photos you are. Always be sure you are thinking outside of the box. Find a new angle. Step back and look at the venue and see if you can find a location away from every other photographer to get a different perspective. 

5. Keep shooting!

Just like any niche of photography you are doing, you need to photograph as many sports as you can so you can continue to learn, improve and capture great events. Shoot as much as you can at as many sports events as you can, get critiqued (or praised) from your peers, learn from your mistakes and then go out and shoot even more. Also, continue to challenge yourself. If you tend to always photograph at football games, and you know nothing about hockey, step out of your comfort zone and learn the game of hockey and try your skills during a game. Every single game you photograph will be unique and it is a thrill to get to tell that specific story. And you never know when you will score that winning shot that is simply amazing and stands above all others! 

Do you love this article? Here are 7 more tips to taking better sports photos that you should check out! 

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7 Tips To Taking Better Sports Photos

Sporting events are such a wonderful opportunity to capture heart-pounding action photos, vivid colors and different angles that are unique to other forms of photography. If you are a sports photographer, you have to be on point every second of the event to make sure you capture each and every amazing shot you can. Because it is so fast-paced, It is so easy to miss an awesome photo and not even realize it!

Perhaps, you are photographing a high school football game, a track meet that is an Olympic qualifier or you may even be lucky enough to be a photographer for the SuperBowl. No matter what type of sport and for what age group you are shooting, it can be exciting and very intense!

Here are 7 tips to be sure you take all of your sports photography like a pro! 

Photo credit: Kathy Williens via Associated Press

Photo credit: Kathy Williens via Associated Press

1. Use High ISO

At many sporting events, whether you are outside while the sun is setting or inside an arena, you may not always have the best lighting. You also need to be sure that you can capture an exact moment in time. There is only one second for you to capture the moment when the bat hits the ball at a little league game so a higher shutter speed will help. Raising the ISO on your camera will allow you to shoot at that higher shutter speed, which gives you a much better chance of getting that perfect shot!  

Professional sports photographers use a shutter speed around 1/1000 of a second to stop motion. At night, you need a faster F Stop than your lens is suited for so you should increase your ISO which allows your camera to see more light. 

Depending on what type of camera you use, you may also consider using Auto ISO to allow your camera to automatically choose the best ISO setting for you and the scene you are trying to capture. 

2. Be Unique 

Try something different when you are shooting your sports photography because you do not want every sports photo to look the same. Try shooting at different levels rather than at eye level. Get shots from above or get on the ground and shoot the players from above. At every new event you cover, be sure to look at your surroundings, the field, the players and scope out the new backgrounds, angles and shooting locations that will be unique. 

Photo credit: Zach Ancell via

Photo credit: Zach Ancell via

3. Remember Your Surroundings

It is not just the players that create awesome photos. To get the full experience of the sporting event, make sure you capture the cheering crowd, the fans tailgating and even the entire stadium cheering loudly. Going to a sporting event is all about the experience and capturing those surroundings are really what makes the entire event so amazing and it will show in your photos! 

4. Be Prepared

When you are shooting in the middle of a sports event, you do not really have the time to stop what you are doing and run to your gear bag if you realize you forgot an important piece of equipment. It is a great idea to use a belt or bag you can carry with you that has extra items in it in case you need anything... whether it be new batteries, a new memory card or anything else you may or may not need. 

Looking for your own photography belt to help keep you organized while working and have all your equipment on you when you need it? Here is one we love! 

5. Don't Take Your Eyes Off The Action

For one, you can miss something awesome or really important if you take your eyes off the action. Depending on what the sport is you are photographing, there is also a chance you could get injured if you are not paying attention. Just think, you are shooting on the sidelines of a football game and take your eyes off the field and players for just one second... you could easily get run over by the players or hit on the sidelines and we just do not want this to happen.

Another time that photographers tend to take their eyes off the action is to double check the photos you have just taken and there is really no reason to do this. Some call this "chimping." You want to make sure that you just keep on shooting and remember that there is a time and place to review all your photos later on. 

6. Use A Slow Shutter Speed

Even though we mention earlier to use a faster shutter speed, it is great sometimes to try to use a slower one. For example, if you are shooting at a NASCAR race, capture the main subject of the photo clearly while at the same time having that awesome blurry can make for a unique and really awesome shot! 

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

7. Avoid Using A Flash

Using a flash at any type of sporting event can be dangerous to the players and anyone else who is working. If you are shooting at a college or professional sporting event, using a flash is typically prohibited already. 

If you are at a high-school or lower level event, using a flash is typically up to the coaches or the school's athletic director to make sure it is allowed. 

When you are shooting outdoors, for example if shooting at a NASCAR race, a baseball or football game, you should really never use an on-camera flash, which is why your ISO settings are so important. 

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