extreme surfing photos

Awesome Photos of Extreme Surfers And The Northern Lights

Most of the time when you think of surfing, you think of a beach with the hot sun and other beach-goers relaxing and enjoying the sand and water. In Norway's Lofoten archipelago in the Artic Circle, surfing is just a bit different! There, the surfers endure March ocean temperatures of 5–6°C and air temperatures around 0°C. 

Olivier Morin, an Agence France-Presse photographer, took these photos in March 2016 that show intrepid Norwegians and visitors riding waves and admiring the amazing Northern Lights. We hope you enjoy his work below that we originally found on BuzzFeed

Be sure to check out all of the photos on BuzzFeed. If you think these photos are awesome, here are a few others we think you will enjoy. 


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