nikon d5

First Photos And Specs Of The Nikon D5 Leaked

Calling all Nikon lovers out there! The first photos and specs of the new Nikon D5 leaked. We saw on PetaPixel that Nikon Rumors began sharing some specs that were rumored of the body of the new Nikon a few months ago, but now they have the first known photos of the D5 DSLR which are included here. 

Here is a photo of the current Nikon D4S that you can use for comparison: 

You can see from the photos below that the physical interface on the top of the camera has some small tweaks. There is a redesigned Nikon "swoosh," a new ISO button, no MODE button on top, a relocated video recording button and a few microphone holes right above the D5 on the front of the camera.

PetaPixel also says that Nikon Rumors are very confident of a number of rumored specs including: the camera will feature 153 autofocus points with a new focusing module that has a larger coverage area. There is also a native high ISO of 102, 400, up from ISO 25,600 in the D4S. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of the new Nikon D5 which is expected in early 2016! We are excited!  

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