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5 Tips For Better Outdoor Sports Photography

The warmer months are full of outdoor sports and activities. Whether it is baseball, soccer, golf, tennis or any other sport you can do outside, you may be tasked with capturing photos of one of these specific sports. We have talked before about tips on indoor sports photography so today we wanted to share a few tips to help take better outdoor sports photography. 

1. Have A Zoom Lens Handy

You will want to take photos of the entire group, but while photographing a sporting event, it is also great to capture close-up images of players in action or even on the sidelines. It is very important you have a zoom lens that allows you to zoom in and get a crisp, clean shot. 

Here is a good zoom lens that will work nicely with Canon SLR cameras. And here is a zoom lens for Nikon cameras

Photo credit: CNN

Photo credit: CNN

2. Use A Low ISO

The brighter it is outside where you are photographing, the lower you should set your ISO. Even if you are shooting at night, if you have a stadium full of lights, the settings would most likely be similar for you because the lights make it so bright. 

3. Bring Along A Tripod 

Even though you may be moving all around the field so you can document all the great moments and plays of the game or sport, you never know when you need a little more stabilization. A tripod is always a perfect way to secure the camera and be able to take shots when you are sure to not be shaking or moving. 

Need a good tripod? Here is a 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod With Bag that you may like. 

Photo credit: BeachCamera.com

Photo credit: BeachCamera.com

4. Use A Higher Shutter Speed

You want to have your shutter speed fast enough to capture the moment without having the photo turn out blurry. And especially when shooting outdoors, the fast shutter speed will help compensate for the brightness of the sun. You have to make sure you do find a balance though; a shutter speed that is TOO fast may leave the photo too dark. Depending on the variables of your shooting conditions, you just want to adjust your shutter speed as you go... for example, if the sun goes behind the clouds every few minutes. 

5. Capture Every Angle and Be Ready

Just like any sport, you never know what is going to happen. You need to stay alert so you are aware and ready for great photo opportunities, but also for your own safety as you do not want to get caught up in the middle of the game. Make sure you move around the sidelines so you do not miss out on a potentially perfect angle for a photo.   

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