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Awesome Rainy Day Wedding Photos And 4 Tips To Be Prepared For Bad Weather

Wedding photographers have to be able to go with the flow, and sometimes that means dealing with bad weather. Rain and storms can happen at anytime, especially over the warmer months when the temperatures are soaring. 

As a great wedding photographer, you need to be able to use the bad weather to your advantage and that is what these photographers did in these 9 great photos below. As you are checking out these great photos, we will also give you a few tips to be sure you are always prepared for bad weather no matter what type of wedding you are photographing. 

Unplugged Photography  via SnapKnot

Tip #1 - Be Prepared With Your Equipment

You do not want a sudden downpour or steady rain to ruin your equipment and even though most cameras are weather sealed, you still want to give these expenses pieces extra protection just to make sure they stay dry. Bring plastic ziplock bags or anything else that works best for you along in your bag so you have them handy. These can be great for covering your camera, lens and anything else quickly.

Also, think about yourself as well. If you know it is supposed to rain and it is a mainly outdoor wedding, dress appropriately and even think about bringing yourself a poncho to keep yourself covered and dry. It is much easier to take photos when you are comfortable (even though we know you are all great at taking photos anytime and under any circumstance)! 

"Wedding in the rain" by  Ivan Zamanuhin via 500px  

"Wedding in the rain" by Ivan Zamanuhin via 500px 

Tip #2 - Back-Light the Rain

When shooting photos in the rain, you want the raindrops to stand out just like they do in all of these amazing photos and the best way to do this is with a backlight. You can do this with a flash, but also with another light in the distance such as a front porch light or even the sun.  

Federer Photography  via SnapKnot

Federer Photography via SnapKnot

Tip #3 - Look for Puddles

Puddles are a great way to include amazing reflections in your photos so be sure to use the rain and the puddles it creates to your advantage! 

"Rockleigh Rain" by  Ryan Brenizer via 500px  

"Rockleigh Rain" by Ryan Brenizer via 500px 

Tip #4 - Use The Best Camera Settings

Cloudy skies typically come along with rainy weather so you want to be sure you are using the best camera settings you can to get the best possible photos you can for your bride and groom. Be sure to use a higher ISO setting. You most likely shoot outdoors with an ISO around 200... for rainy weather, you may find yourself raising it to 600, 800 or even up to 3,200 depending on what camera you are using. You also want to make sure that you have a shutter speed fast enough to catch the raindrops in your photos which will most likely be 1/500th of a second or faster.

"Let It Rain" by  Alexey Tsibin via 500px

"Let It Rain" by Alexey Tsibin via 500px

"Thailand Destination Wedding" by  Adam Johnson via 500px

"Thailand Destination Wedding" by Adam Johnson via 500px

Hoffer Photography  via SnapKnot

Hoffer Photography via SnapKnot

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