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3 Ways To Spice Up A Dull Location

There is nothing fun about trying to take an amazing photo with a dull location showing up in the background. It has probably happened to most of you where you find yourself taking portraits, at a wedding or even while taking landscape photos, and the location is just not as artistic as you would like. No matter what it is that you are shooting, there are plenty of ways you can spice up a dull location and we want to share 3 ways with you today.

1. Add In Some Extra Lighting

Adding in a little bit of light can really make a difference in spicing up your location and making the photos look great. Take some time when you arrive at the location and scope out unique details of the background that would be great to draw a little extra attention to with the lighting. 

2. Think About The Time Of Day

You may find that a specific location may be boring at one time of day, but may look totally different at another time. It is always important to scope out your location, so perhaps visit the spot at different times prior to your shoot to see what time of day is best. See what it looks like either early in the morning or late in the evening. Or, think about how the scene would look at night. Each time can bring a totally different look to the photos even though you take them from the exact same spot. 

Photo credit:  wildpianist  via Flickr

Photo credit: wildpianist via Flickr

3. Snap Photos From Different Angles

Just snapping a photo while you are standing straight in front of your subject is wonderful but if you move to a higher or lower angle to take the same photo can make it stand out that much more. While preparing for your shot, try and  visualize different angles you can try out. Perhaps you are photographing a family at a park and you can get up on top of a table or playground to shoot them from above. Or maybe you can try lying in front of the subject you are photographing so you photograph them from below catching a great background of the blue sky in the distance.

These are just a few ways to spice up a dull location when you are taking photos. If you are out taking photos and find yourself in a location with a less than stellar look to it, be sure to consider all of these options to take the best photos you possibly can. 

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