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7 Great Travel Photography Tips To Remember

Traveling is fun to do all throughout the year. You may be taking a family vacation over the summer and want to photograph all the great things you do and see. Perhaps, you are traveling with your goal being to capture great photos of landscapes, unique places, events or people. No matter your reason for your travels, you always want to plan ahead and keep a few things in mind to make sure your photos turn out how you hope they do. 

Today, we want to share 7 great travel photography tips that you want to remember before and during your travels. Safe travels and happy photographing! 

1. Do Your Research

Before you go, you want to do your research of the location you are visiting. You can find really great locations that are popular around that city or town, off-the-beaten areas that may be unique to photograph and events or fairs that may take place that would be great to capture the culture and people of the destination. 

Doing research is also important so you make sure you bring travel items that are necessary during your visit. You would not want to be without sunscreen if you will be roaming outside in the sun all day or bug spray if you are in a state park that has tons of trees and mosquitos.

2. Pack Essential Gear and Backups

When packing, you want to make sure you pack your camera, extra backup batteries and lenses. It is also important to have a reliable camera bag or book bag you can easily explore while carrying your equipment and items comfortably. Also, you may want to have a laptop, extra memory cards and a removable drive back at your hotel if you need to store your photos there to keep everything organized. Depending on what you plan to photograph, you may also need a tripod. Here are a few reasons why a tripod may come in handy.

3. Dress Comfortably 

You want to make sure you dress comfortably when you are out photographing and you want to be prepared. Dress according to the weather... you would hate to be sweating in jeans when it is going to be 90 degrees outside. Being hot can distract you from enjoying the sites and capturing amazing photos. Also, wear comfortable shoes that you can get around in easily. You do not want to fall while carrying your expensive equipment (and of course so you do not injure yourself)! A wide brimmed hat may also be helpful in keeping the sun out of your face. 

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4. Get Out Early

When you are traveling, it is always nice to get out early before the rush, especially if you are photographing a busy city. This will give you time to capture the architecture and other details without tons of people crowded around getting in the way of your photos. 

It is also great to get out early to take photos in the beautiful morning light. Once the morning is over, the late afternoon into the evening when the sun sets is also an ideal time to capture photos. This time is called the 'magic hour' and your scenes can be illuminated with a warm, golden glow. 

5. Shoot In RAW 

When you shoot in RAW, you can go back at any time and process the image in a different way. It's good to have the original RAW file to convert again and again.

6. Take Candid Shots

When traveling, while you may want to have a few posed shots if you are with your family or friends, candid shots that are very natural and can make some awesome shots. Take photos of subjects who are unaware you are photographing them. Perhaps a group of people enjoying a bite at a sidewalk cafe, or a few children playing around near a farmers market or playground. Finding those places and people that showcase the uniqueness and culture of that city can be perfect for your travel photos. 

7.   Look For Unique Areas or Architecture

One great thing about travel photography is the ability to get out and explore the unique areas and architecture in that city or town. Keep an eye out for unique textures, bright colors or cool patterns that would make for a nice shot. The possibilities are truly endless! 

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