7 Social Media Post Ideas To Keep Your Followers Engaged

Social media is so important to any business in today's online world. People are always online and checking in on their various social media accounts many times throughout the day and night so it is very important for your business to have a presence as well. We have talked before about the importance of social media and how it is a great, and FREE, way to reach potential customers and stay up-to-date with those you have already worked with, but what should you actually be posting about?  

First of all, it is important to post regularly. Whether it be once a day, or four times a week, you want to be consistent and continue to post new and fresh content that your followers will be interested in. It's good practice to mix it up and post a variety of different things. Do not just post all about your business because your followers may get bored and want to block or unfollow you. You also want to make sure you take time to like, comment and share posts from others that you follow - so you can share the love and hopefully they will do the same for you! 

Today we want to help you out with other unique social media post ideas that you can do throughout the week. We hope these 7 social media post ideas will keep your followers engaged and interested. Enjoy!


People love great quotes. Whether it is something about love, life, work, happiness... quotes stand out to others, especially when they are with a graphic or beautiful photo. Create your own graphics or simply search online for quotes and find an image that has already been created to use (just be sure you give photo credit when you use someone else's work)! When you find a quote that you know people will love, each time someone shares your post, you reach a whole new group of potential followers or customers! Here is a great example of a quote graphic we made!  

2. Content From Your Blog

Along with social media, blogging is so important. Not only does a blog help with SEO, it is a great way to boost your presence online and become a thought leader in your industry.  We have talked about the importance of having a blog on your website, and along with being an important aspect to your website, your blog posts give you evergreen content that you can use over and over again. For example, if you are a wedding photographer who wrote an article discussing important questions you should ask your photographer before booking them that you know is very popular, you can continue to post that every few months which will keep visitors coming to your site.    

3. Company Milestones

Just because you should not talk about your company ALL THE TIME, does not mean you shouldn't toot your own horn every now and then! Is it your 10th anniversary of being in business? Did your photos make it into a huge magazine you have been dreaming about for years? Tell everyone and announce it proud! You want your followers to know about the great work that you do, and you should be proud of yourself for your accomplishments and want to tell others.... just be sure you do not go overboard! 

4. Giveaways, Contests or Special Deals You Are Offering

These types of promotions get tons of traffic because people love giveaways and discounts! If you are holding a holiday special for family portraits, post about it on your social media pages and encourage your followers to tell others. Are you a photographer who takes senior portraits and is giving away a free session to one lucky winner? Post it! You will find that it can get tons of traffic. 

For a small amount of money on Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest, you can boost your post and have it reach so many additional people - many who could potentially be your next customer! These types of posts are great for that sort of promotion because they could potentially give you an good ROI back from people who book. 

5. Funny Industry Posts

Memes are such a huge hit and there are so many funny things out there that you can post about photography, weddings, cameras or anything else that you want to share. You can create your own someecards (or use ones that have already been created) or find funny memes that you know your followers will love. 

6. Industry News

Did you read an excellent article in the New York Times about the photography industry that you think other photographers would like to see? Share it and be sure to tag that news source you saw it in! Tagging them always brings the potential of getting new followers or page views! 

7. Questions For Your Audience

It is always a good idea to get your followers engaged and comment on your posts and this can be done easily with a fun poll. Do you photograph boudoir photos? Perhaps ask your followers what is the one thing they were most nervous about during their session. Maybe you are looking to see when your followers are having wedding anniversaries. For those that answer, perhaps you can start a conversation about having photos of the couple taken. The possibilities are endless.

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