Grow Your Wedding Photography Business With These 4 Tips

Even if you have been in the wedding photography industry for years, you should never stop growing and continuing to improve your photography and business. You want to make sure that your business is strong so you can grow it more than you ever thought you could and to do that you need to always keep learning and trying new things. Along with taking amazing photos, you also need to make sure you are marketing your company as best as you can. 

The Wedding Business & Marketing Course would be the perfect guide for you to make sure you are doing absolutely everything you can to make your business the best it can be. Written by Elizabeth van der Bij of ENV Photography and BP4U, everyone is bound to learn something new from this great guide! 

So, what are some items you need to make sure you are utilizing in your company to make sure your doing everything you can to be the best business you can be? Read on to see 4 things that you NEED to be doing for your business that will help it grow and flourish. 

Photo credit: ENV Photography

Photo credit: ENV Photography

1. Have a good website.

You want to make sure you have a place that your customers, and potential customers, can find you easily and see a sampling of your work. With the busy technology driven world we are in, people look online - even when planning their wedding - so you want to be sure you are in that space and look good! 

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2.  Write a blog. 

A blog is so important to help create fresh content and help with SEO. Just having a website is good, but having a blog along with it is awesome! That content can be anything from real weddings and engagements you have photographed, tips for brides and grooms on their wedding photography, or anything else you think is relevant. 

3. Make sure you are making a profit. 

You have a business, and if you are not making a profit, then what are you doing? There are many factors that come into your profit including what you charge your clients, as well as the cost of your business expenses. This guide will help you to determine whether you are making the profit you want and tips on how to increase it!  

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4. Be active on social media. 

Let's face it. Social media is huge and that is how many, many brides out there connect and find their wedding photographer, as well as other wedding vendors. You need to be sure to not only have social media accounts on all of the popular social media sites, but that you are active and interact with your client and potential ones. Share content from you blog, deals you are offering, fun tips for brides and so much more. Remember, social media is a free way to market yourself, so you do not want to miss out! 

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If you want more details about how to incorporate these 4 tips into your business and busy schedule easier,  then the Wedding Guide & Marketing Course is for you! 







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