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What Are Your Photography Goals For 2018?

Happy New Year! We love the fresh start that a new year brings along with it. No matter what you did, or didn't do in 2017, you can start with brand new goals and dreams for the year ahead. The main thing you need to focus on as a photographer is to actually get out there and take photos. You can not learn or better yourself without snapping photos. Take your camera with you everywhere you go and when you feel inspired, capture something unique. Or, if you do not have a camera, smart phones can take some pretty great shots now-a-days so take out your phone and photograph someone awesome!  

You may be just starting to explore your love of photography and want to learn as much as you can in the months ahead. If that is the case, there are SO many great ways to learn. We post great articles here on the blog but we also recommend taking classes whether it is online or in a classroom at a local college or university. 

CreativeLive always offers FREE classes online that will help you get started and learn everything you can think of in the photography industry. They have classes about photography, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, lighting, growing your business, social media and SO MUCH MORE. You can see the list of free live upcoming classes happening in the coming weeks and sign up for any you are interested in. Check out the list of classes here.


Perhaps you are a hobbyist photographer and have been taking great photos for years but want to do more with your passion. Is it your year to start your own business or you are finally ready to quit your full-time job to concentrate more on your photography? Make sure you know what niche it is you want to focus your business on and get a clear business plan set and in place so you are organized. Do you love weddings and want to focus your time booking engaged couples? Or, perhaps you prefer shooting the outdoors and love capturing landscape photos or wildlife. You could also focus on senior portraits, sporting events, or travel photography. There are so many different things in our world to photograph. 

If you start a business, one big thing is your website and getting your portfolio online. SmugMug is a great service that lets you showcase your photos beautifully online. You can store your work, share it and even sell it right from your SmugMug site. Click here to check out SmugMug and start your own site

Do you already have a successful photography business that you want to grow even bigger in 2018? We always recommend to continue learning no matter how long you have been in the photography world. With technology changing as fast as it does, there are always new products out there that can help your business succeed. 

Be sure to check out BP4U Photographer Resources for SO many awesome products that can help make your photography business easier. They offer tons of guides, presets, social media tools and more! Here are a few products that we love: 

Growing Your Facebook Page and Group

Get 450 copy and paste Facebook prompts to put on your page and within your group to grow your reach and get more likes! Click here for more information or to get this product now



Tax Spreadsheets For Photographers

Overwhelmed by all those receipts and want to get yourself organized and prepared for the upcoming tax season? This AMAZING product is just what you need! Get the Tax Spreadsheets For Photographers here.  

The Ultimate Posing Guide Collection

Need some ideas for new poses? Whether you photograph couples, weddings, seniors, babies or families, this Ultimate Posing Guide Collection is for you. Freshen up your typical poses with some new ideas! Get The Ultimate Posing Guide Collection here


Click here to see all the other great products that BP4U offers! 

Whatever your goals for this new year are, be sure to check in with yourself often and see if you are on the path to accomplishing your goals. If not, it's okay! Life happens and sometimes it can get hard. But be sure to refocus and keep on trying. And be sure to check out our blog throughout the months ahead for great tips, articles, inspiration and more. We also have a camera giveaway going on right now... have you entered yet for your chance to win a Nikon D810 or Canon 5DS R?  Click here to enter now!  

We wish you all nothing but love, happiness and inspiration this year. Best of luck to you all in accomplishing your 2018 photography goals! 

Want to share your goals with us? We would love to hear them all so please comment below! 

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Video On How To Boost Photography Sales and Get Published in Magazines

If you are a newer photographer or even if you have had a photography business for years but are in need of new clients, this video from French photographer Serge Ramelli is something you need to watch. His knowledge and experience on bookings and getting your work printed is awesome and perfect for any photographer to hear.

Just like any type of business out there, it takes hard work to get your business up and running. In the video, Ramelli goes through techniques he himself has used to find new clients in the past. He tells the story of when he was getting his business started photographing hotels in Paris. 

Find more of Ramelli’s popular photography videos through his YouTube channel. This article was originally found on PetaPixel

Do you take many of your photos outdoors? Are you tired of wasting your day editing photos all day long? Then The Ultimate Season Action Bundle is for you! No matter what type of season, weather or lighting condition, these actions are perfect! You can get this entire bundle for only $9.99 (a $199.99 value)! 



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Enter the $10K Giveaway In Anticipation of the 2017 Complete Photography Bundle

Our friends over at 5DayDeal are running a new giveaway with over $10,000 in prizes in anticipation of the 2017 Complete Photography Bundle. Last years' photography bundle was a HUGE success so we are SO excited to see how this year's is. 

The 2017 Complete Photography Bundle is a phenomenal, unique package of photography tools that is sure to add tremendous value to your photography business for a fraction of the retail price if you were to buy all of these products individually. The 2017 Complete Photography Bundle will be available for purchase from October 13-18, 2017. 

Enter the $10K giveaway and then you will get notified when the Complete Photography Bundle is available for purchase! 

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2 Easy Ways To Stay On Your Clients Radar

When you have a great list of clients, you want to make sure you stay on their radar with new packages and services you offer, and anything else that can help you get referrals or return business. But with that said, you do not want to bother them to the point that they do not want to hear from you again. 

According to the photography guide "How To Make Money With Clients You Already Have," reaching out to them once a month is just enough to stay in the back of their mind so they think of you whenever photos are brought up. 

Today we want to share 2 easy ways that you can stay on your clients radar that come straight out of this guide! If you do these along with your other marketing and business efforts, hopefylly you will see some return customers and new ones coming through by referrals! 

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

1. Send A Small Gift

Sending a little something small is a great way to make your client happy and remind them that you are there if needed. The gift is not something that has to be big, but perhaps purchase a photo button or create photo magnets that you can send to each client. You can customize them with a past photo you took from that client or just make it something generic. 

Another idea is to send a card each year to your client. Perhaps you photographed a newborn session... each year on that child's birthday, send them a birthday card! If you are a wedding photographer, keep track of your clients anniversaries and send them a card. It may take a little planning ahead but keeping past clients happy and on your radar will pay off! 

2. Check In With A Message To See How They Are

If you would prefer not to have a cost associated with staying on your clients radar, you can simply take time and send your clients a quick email or message on Facebook. You are most likely already following past clients and if you see something great happening in their lives, reach out and say hello or congrats! If it is a client you have not talked to in awhile, shoot them a quick email just to say hi and see what is going on in their lives. Just that little gesture is a great reminder for them to you use as their photographer if they have an event or special occasion coming up in the future.  

Staying on your clients radar is so important for your photography business. Perhaps you have a newsletter that goes out a few times a year that tells them new services you offer or shows off some of your most recent work. Whatever it is you do, you will find that you get referrals and repeat clients by taking the time to stay in touch! 

Are you having trouble booking new clients? Are your past clients not coming back? If you're wondering what are you doing wrong and how you can fix it, "How To Make Money With Clients You Already Have" will help you go back and focus on the clients you already have and pull them back in with fresh, unique ideas.  

It will teach you how to gain loyal clients, make them feel special, exceed their expectations and stay on their radars. It also gives you ideas on making money around the holidays. Sample emails, social media statuses and blog posts are included for you to just copy and paste to your clients to make your life easier. Also includes Excel form for easy client organization.


Get this guide today for only $9 (A $62.50 value!)

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Grow Your Wedding Photography Business With These 4 Tips

Even if you have been in the wedding photography industry for years, you should never stop growing and continuing to improve your photography and business. You want to make sure that your business is strong so you can grow it more than you ever thought you could and to do that you need to always keep learning and trying new things. Along with taking amazing photos, you also need to make sure you are marketing your company as best as you can. 

The Wedding Business & Marketing Course would be the perfect guide for you to make sure you are doing absolutely everything you can to make your business the best it can be. Written by Elizabeth van der Bij of ENV Photography and BP4U, everyone is bound to learn something new from this great guide! 

So, what are some items you need to make sure you are utilizing in your company to make sure your doing everything you can to be the best business you can be? Read on to see 4 things that you NEED to be doing for your business that will help it grow and flourish. 

Photo credit: ENV Photography

Photo credit: ENV Photography

1. Have a good website.

You want to make sure you have a place that your customers, and potential customers, can find you easily and see a sampling of your work. With the busy technology driven world we are in, people look online - even when planning their wedding - so you want to be sure you are in that space and look good! 

Here is a great article you may enjoy: 4 Things You Must Include On Your Photography Business Website

2.  Write a blog. 

A blog is so important to help create fresh content and help with SEO. Just having a website is good, but having a blog along with it is awesome! That content can be anything from real weddings and engagements you have photographed, tips for brides and grooms on their wedding photography, or anything else you think is relevant. 

3. Make sure you are making a profit. 

You have a business, and if you are not making a profit, then what are you doing? There are many factors that come into your profit including what you charge your clients, as well as the cost of your business expenses. This guide will help you to determine whether you are making the profit you want and tips on how to increase it!  

Here is a great article you may enjoy: How Much Should You Be Charging For Your Photography?

4. Be active on social media. 

Let's face it. Social media is huge and that is how many, many brides out there connect and find their wedding photographer, as well as other wedding vendors. You need to be sure to not only have social media accounts on all of the popular social media sites, but that you are active and interact with your client and potential ones. Share content from you blog, deals you are offering, fun tips for brides and so much more. Remember, social media is a free way to market yourself, so you do not want to miss out! 

Here is a great article you may enjoy: 7 Important Facebook Tips For Photographers



If you want more details about how to incorporate these 4 tips into your business and busy schedule easier,  then the Wedding Guide & Marketing Course is for you! 







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Don't Miss This FREE 3-Day Online Photography Summit!

Are you a photographer that is just getting started in the wedding photography business? Maybe you are a professional and have been photographing weddings for years but are always looking for ways to continue to grow your skills and learn new tricks and techniques. Wherever you may be in your photography career, this live 3-day online wedding photography summit will have something for you. And the best part is.... it is totally FREE! This is surely an event you do not want to miss out on! 

During this three-day event on April 19-21, you will learn from wedding professionals like Susan Stripling, Cliff Mautner, Scott Robert Lim and many others as they teach a classes about your business, perfecting your craft, and your purpose.

The summit will include 6 classes per day (for 18 awesome classes total!) that you can tune in to throughout those 3 days. You will learn great business tips on ways to streamline your business, create contracts and how to use SEO to help market your business as well as posing techniques, how to work with light, and so much more! You will even get advice on how to stay inspired in such a busy and competitive market. 


Below is the exact schedule shown in Eastern Standard Time. Visit here to check it out in other time zones.  


Please keep in mind that although this will be a totally free event, registration is required to be able to view these classes. Don't scramble on the 19th - register today.


Our friends over at SnapKnot are proud to sponsor this event along with several other leaders in the photography industry including Animoto, 17hats, Fundy Designer and Good Gallery.


3 Things To Think About If You Hire A Second Shooter

Many times when you are photographing a large event, such as a wedding, it is pretty much impossible for just yourself to capture every single special moment that is taking place throughout the event. Hiring a second shooter can help... they can give you the peace of mind that you need to know that you will have another set of eyes to photograph around the event and it also gives you peace of mind that you are doing all you  can to make sure that your client is happy with the photos that were captured. 

Hiring a second shooter can be nerve-racking, especially if it is someone you have never worked with before, but if you plan ahead and the two of you are both on the same page, it will be a pleasant experience. Here are 3 things you must remember if you are going to hire a second shooter. 

Photo credit: Photo District News

Photo credit: Photo District News

Where To Find A Second Shooter

If you need a second shooter, you want that person to be the best they can be. Remember, they will be working for you and their work ethic, skills and personality, whether good or bad, will reflect on your business. Try to think about various photographers that you know, possibly one that you have worked for in the past that may want to return the favor. 

It is good to always be looking for second shooters that you can use. If you know you regularly will need the assistance of a second shooter because you work with so many large weddings, it may be beneficial to have a page on your site dedicated to second shooters and what you are looking for exactly.

Second shooters can vary in their photography. Perhaps it can be someone who is looking to expand their portfolio. Or, maybe it is someone who is newer to photography and trying to learn and see what shooting an entire wedding day is like. Maybe it is a seasoned photographer who is just looking to make some extra money on the side. No matter the type of person, you want to make sure that you can work well and trust this person to do their job right and who will be a great representative of your company name.

Make Sure To Have A Signed Contract

It is important to have a contact that your second shooter can sign upon agreement of the work to be done and the amount you will pay that person. If you use second shooters regularly, it may be great to have a contract template that you can change up depending on the situation and person you are hiring at the time. 

Getting a contact signed before the event is important, even if the person is a good friend that you have worked with before. You never know what type of situation can occur and having that contract with the exact terms of the job will be there in case something happens such as the wedding getting canceled, etc. 

The contract should include the entire scope of work that will be done during the job you have hired the second shooter for. You will want to list out what is expected of them, how much they will get paid, the date and time of the event and what happens in case the event is canceled, postponed or anything else. You also want to include any information about insurance, travel expense coverage, and anything else that you think is necessary. 

Photo credit: Bride Box Pro Blog

Photo credit: Bride Box Pro Blog

Communication Is Key

Communication is key. Just like you will be communicating with your bride and groom before the wedding, you want to communicate with your second shooter who will be working with you. You want to make sure they have their contract and any other necessary documents and information regarding the event prior to the date of the actual event. They should know what to wear and what to expect from the specific venue you will be working at so they can plan ahead as well. If you know you will be working outside, it is good for them to know in case it is rainy, they need some specific equipment or simply a jacket in case it is chilly. 

On the day of the event, make sure the two of you have a meeting at the venue to plan who will be shooting what, so you can both divide and conquer throughout the day.

Here are some other articles we think you may enjoy:

Have you ever hired a second shooter and have a good tip or advice to share? Tell us below! 


Are you looking for some great contract templates for your photography business? These Contracts & Forms For Photographers may be perfect for you! For $99.99, you will get various contact templates for second shooter agreements, weddings, portraits, a liability release form and so much more. 




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2 Ways To Make Money With Clients You Already Have

Whether you have a great photography business that you have been growing for 20 years or you are just in the first few years of starting yours, it is so important to utilize the clients you have already photographed and worked with over the years. Everyone knows that word-of-mouth and referrals from people you have already photographed are a wonderful way to get new customers. But now-a-days, with the thousands of photographers out there, it can be difficult to find tons of new clients. 

How do you utilize those clients you have already worked with to make more money and find brand new ones along the way? The guide "How To Make Money with Clients You Already Have" is a wonderful eBook that will give you great ways to do this and we wanted to share 2 of those ways with you today. 



1. It All Begins With Customer Service

In order to use your existing clients to find new ones, you have to use excellent customer service in your business all the time. Make sure your clients are happy, they love the work you have done and provided to them, and if they do not, help to figure out a way to make it right. Like we said before, word-of-mouth is very important and we all know that someone is more likely to tell everyone they know if they are unhappy or had an unpleasant experience with a service. 

2. Stay On Your Clients Radar

Social media is huge and is a great way to keep in touch with your past and current clients. Post a sample of a family session and tag your client, comment on posts they make about current things that are going on in their lives. The more they see you and your business in front of them, the more they will remember the great work you did and when a friend or family member asks them about if they know of a photographer, you may just pop into their head since you stay in their radar. 

Also be sure to send out emails with your current specials, really great blog posts you have posted on your website with new photo sessions you have done and even just emails to check in and see if there is anything you can help them with. 


There are SO many more things you can do to make money with clients you already have but we hope these 2 tips have been helpful for you. If you are interested in reading more of this awesome eBook, "How To Make Make Money With Clients You Already Have," you can purchase this guide today for $62.50.

In it, you will learn how to gain loyal clients and exceed their expectations. It also will tell you how to make money around the holidays and gives some great marketing strategies to help you stand out from the competition. There are also sample emails, social media statuses, blog posts and an excel form for easy client organization to make your life easier.  





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3 Essentials For Building A Photography Business

Do you love taking photos of anything and everything and really want to turn that passion into your very own business? Starting a business is a scary thing if it is new to you but it can also be so rewarding. Perhaps think about starting your business part-time to see how it goes before you quit your day job, or choose to take a leap and go all in. Whatever you choose to do, you want to be sure you begin building your photography business correctly from the start.

The guide from BP4U called "How To Start Your Photography Business" is the perfect guide for you if you are starting (or even just thinking of starting) your own photography business. You will get interviews from top photographers, great tips and over 133 pages of wonderful information. Today, we want to share with you a few tips straight from this guide. Read on for 3 essentials for building a photography business.



Photo credit: Deposit Photos

Photo credit: Deposit Photos

1. Your business name is important. 

Deciding on what your business name is going to be is very important. You want it to showcase who you are and what your business represents. Remember, this is something you are going to want to be known by, so it needs to be great.

Is your last name really hard to say or spell? It may be best to leave that out of your business name. Perhaps you are a single female and hope to get married one day in the future. That is another good reason to leave your last name out of the name of your business. 

When you are thinking about your name, you also want to make sure that the domain name is available as well. 

2. You need to have an online presence. 

In today's busy society, we are all online so you want to make sure your business is too. We search for everything we need online so you want to make sure you have a strong online presence that showcases some of your work, different services and packages you offer and a background on yourself and your company. Also always make sure your contact information is easy to find if a potential client is interested in learning more about you. 

Having a great blog and website is important but you also want to make sure you are utilizing the popular social media sites out there. Make sure you have a business page on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as well as others. Every site you are on has the potential to help you gain new customers... and social media is free, so why not? 

3. Get a business license. 

No one likes the business side of things but they are very important. First thing once you pick a name you must get a business license before you start getting paid. Permits and licensing vary depending on what state so you have to check with your local government offices to see what requirements you need. 

Before you fill out your business license, you must know what type of business you are planning to have, an LLC, an S-Corporation, a Sole Proprietor or a Partnership. 

Photo credit: Deposit Photos

Photo credit: Deposit Photos


Do you love these tips and want more to make sure you are prepared when you are starting your own photography business? Do you want to know how to choose the right camera and which one would be best for you and what other type of equipment you will need? How about the best ways to advertise and how to set your prices? 

So much goes into starting your own photography business but not to worry because "How To Start Your Photography Business" is perfect and will help you get started! 






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