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Why It's Beneficial Not To Include Photography Prices On Your Website

We all know that pricing your photography is one of the most important parts of your business. Your prices can make or break you as a company. You want to make sure you have prices that help you cover all of your business expenses but can also make some profit as well. You also want to set your rates so high that you are above all of your competition but you also don't want to undervalue yourself either. Be sure you check out this blog post on 4 things to consider when you are pricing your photography

Once you have secured your prices, do you include those prices on your website for everyone to see or not? Brooke Bustillos, a photographer who collaborated on the BP4U Guide called "How To Start Your Photography Business," suggests that you DO NOT include your prices on your website. Why, do you ask? Read below to find out. 



What reason does Brooke have for not including your pricing on your website? It is simple.... if you do not have your photography prices online when your customer is doing research, then they HAVE to reach out to you in order to get those prices. This can be very beneficial to your business for this reason: 

Photo credit: Brooke Bustillos

Photo credit: Brooke Bustillos

You Get Their Contact Information

When they reach out to you to find out about your prices, you automatically have gotten an email address, phone number (or both) so that you can keep in touch with that person. Even if they do not book with you right away, who's to say they will not book with you in the next year or two... or the next time someone in their family is looking to take portraits or is in need of a wedding photographer? 

With their contact information, you can add them to your monthly or quarterly newsletters that talk about your business, show off some of your recent work, etc. You can even send them deals, discounts, mini-sessions and other offers you are having throughout the year. Staying in touch with a potential client is always beneficial... you never know when they will need a photographer or know someone else who needs one and will recommend you! 

Do you love this tip and want more to make sure you are prepared with your own photography business? Do you want to know how best to increase your prices and the best things to blog about for your business? How about the best ways to advertise and what social media sites you should be interacting on daily? 

Your photography business is so important and whether you are a new business owner or just looking for some great tips from well-established photographers then "How To Start Your Photography Business" is 133 pages of great tips, suggestions and more that would be perfect for you!




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Consider These 4 Things When Pricing Your Photography

Pricing your photography is so important. We have talked about it before... photography is so popular and it has become much easier over the years for anyone to buy a camera and start taking photos.  Some of you are professional photographers who use your photography to earn a living, some of you may just do your photography on the side, while others may just have a passion for it but are not concerned about making money with your photography

We have talked in the past about how much you should be charging for your photography but today we want to talk about things you need to consider when you are actually trying to set your prices. You need to think about various costs that your business will incur and charge based on that. You want to make sure you are making your income goals and also covering your business expenses. If you do not think about these things when making your prices, sadly, your business may not make it.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Here are 4 questions you want to ask yourself when trying to price your photography. 

1. How much do I wish to earn in a year?

Just like any industry in the arts, whether it be photographers, writers, etc., the average person can make a decent living but will most likely not make a ton of money. The average photographer will make about $30,000 per year, while a small few make the big bucks. Again, that is not just photographers. Think about the popular novelist of our time; not everyone makes the same salary that James Patterson does. 

But remember, if photography is what you are passionate about, and you are up to the challenge of building your business, you can make a decent living. What is better than doing something that you love?  

2. How much are my annual business expenses?

We have touched base on this point for wedding photographers in our recent post "3 Tips To Pricing Your Wedding Photography Packages to Sell." No matter what type of photographer you are, you need to figure out an estimate of what your business expenses will be before you price out your services.

Think about every cost your business will incur. Do you own an office space or studio? If so, you need to include the monthly rent for that as well as any internet, electricity and other items you may need such as decor. You will also need to think about the costs to update, clean and buy equipment. If you use specific computer programs for photo editing or do marketing (which we talk about in #3), those are other costs to think about. Then of course you need to factor in little costs here and there that you will need such as meals and travel expenses you incur while going to photo shoots, weddings or sessions. 

All of these items together can tell you how much you need to make money at the MINIMUM. Based on this number, you will know for sure that you at least need to make this amount to cover your business costs, and anything over that will be yours. 

3. What is the cost to do marketing?

Marketing is very important for your business. This can include everything from the sponsored posts you buy on Facebook or Instagram, Google AdWords, money you spend on bridal shows, marketing materials like fliers, business cards and more. These are essential expenses because marketing yourself and your business is a great way to get new clients and get the word out about what you can offer. 

4. How often do I want to work over the next year?

Based on what your salary goal is over the next year, and all of your different expenses, you need to decide how much you want to work. If you are a wedding photographer, do you want to try and book at least one wedding each week, or two a month? If you do not want to work as much, you need to consider that and remember that will play into how much money you end up making. 


Do you still need a little more help with pricing your services? Here is a great guide that we love called "Photographer Pricing Made Easy." This guide is for every type of photographer and will give you over 125 pricing packages in every type of niche you can think of. You can get this awesome guide today for $149.99! 





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3 Tips To Pricing Your Wedding Photography Packages To Sell

Are you a wedding photographer that is trying hard to compete with the hundreds of photographers that are located in the same city as you? In today's world, where it is very easy to purchase a camera and begin a photography business, you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Pricing your wedding photography packages is one of the most important things for your business because it is how you make your money but it also is one of the toughest things to set up. In the awesome BP4U Guide titled "The Business of Wedding Photography," photographer Brooke Bustillos discusses how to best price your photography packages and market them properly to engaged couples. The guide is so comprehensive; she also talks about and provides awesome tips on how she has created a successful business where she has photographed over 76 weddings in a year! 



Today, we want to share with you 3 tips that Brooke has included in this guide to help you price your wedding photography packages to sell. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Brooke Bustillos

Photo credit: Brooke Bustillos

1. Get A Feel For What Other Photographers Charge In Your Area

The average client will spend roughly $2,000 for their wedding photography in Indianapolis but if you are in Chicago, the average client will spend about $3,000. This shows that it totally depends on what market you are located in for the price you should charge. You have to get a good feel for what people will pay in your area because you do not want to price yourself too low or too high. 

2. Learn To Say No

Think about this: you are meeting with a client which you have already booked to discuss the specifics of their engagement photos. While with them, they say to you, "One of your competitors is willing to throw in an extra album for the same price as your first package." You must realize now that this client is most likely going to be a problem. You may not have thought so when you first booked them, but because they are STILL discussing the pricing after they have already agreed and booked with you, they will be the ones that will nit-pick everything during the wedding and even after the images have been delivered. Just tell them NO. Give them your prices and be done with it. Just remember, that is the price you have decided will help you to make the money you need to run your business successfully. 

Keep in mind that there may be times when you will want to work around a client and their budget. If someone comes to you right off the bat and tells you exactly what their maximum budget is and that they have no room to extend it, and you feel like these people will be a great client, go for it. They have been upfront from the get-go, have not decided to book yet because they want to see if you would even agree to work with their budget. They understand and those are the clients you want. This is your business and you want to use your judgement for these types of price changes.  

Photo credit: Brooke Bustillos

Photo credit: Brooke Bustillos

3. Keep Your Packages Short and Sweet

Try not to have too many different packages. Brooke says in this guide that she tries to have no more than 3 at a time because more than that tends to confuse people. When you have your packages listed out, be short and sweet and tell them exactly what they will get for the price of that specific package. Your goal is to get them to go for the middle package. Do not include everything in the first package and make your most expensive package include everything you offer. That way, your client will want to go for the middle package that you have priced perfectly that will most benefit you and your business as well as your clients. 

Pricing is very important to your business, but you also need to consider how you market to your prospects and actually book the client. You also need to think about how you market yourself online. What does your web presence look like and do you make yourself likable? Are you on social media and do you have a quality website that shows off your work but also gives a prospect the information they are looking for when doing their research? You should also list your business on other websites, such as SnapKnot, to make sure you are reaching as many potential customers as you possibly can. 


If you liked these 3 tips, there are SO MANY more offered in this 76-page guide, "The Business of Wedding Photography." If you purchase now, you can get it for only $49.99 (normally $149.99)!! What a great value for such valuable business tips. 





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How Much Should You Really Be Charging For Your Photography?

Each photographer and their business is different and each offers many different types of services. You may photograph only weddings, or focus on portraits. You could be a photographer who does sports photography, beautiful landscapes or travel photography. Now-a-days, with as easy as it is to have a nice camera, there is a bunch of competition out there so you want to make sure you are offering competitive prices that will keep your business going. So how much should you really be charging for your photography? 

When a client is trying to research and find their perfect photographer for the type of photos they are looking for, they most likely will not want to choose the cheapest photographer out there, but not the most expensive one either. Some photographers will charge with a package price that includes a certain amount of hours of shooting and the photos or an album included, such as a wedding photographer. Others may charge simply per photo. Some may charge as little as $25 per photo while top photographers could ask for thousands of dollars for a single photograph. It really does depend on the client you are photographing for and the location as well. Photographers shooting for a major magazine would make much more than someone taking a photo for a small, local business. 

Photo credit: 

Photo credit: 

Even though the prices really do vary depending on what you are photographing and who you are shooting it for, here is what PetaPixel says is the average range of what various professional photographers should charge. 

Student Photographer:
$50-$100 per hour or $25-$100 per image

Just like any other photographer, a student rate varies depending on how long they have been photographing, their experience level and the type of work they do. Some students who have tons of experience should charge just as much as professional photographers, while some that are just starting out may need to charge less. 

$50-$150 per hour or $25-$125 per image

Semi-professional photographers are those that want to join the ranks of the professional. These are photographers who typically have another job or income source to keep them going, but they want to eventually leave that other job behind to just focus on their photography. Many of these semi-pros will compete with the professional photographers for jobs but are just not quiet ready to fully start a full-time photography business. 

$75-$250 per hour or $75-$250 per image

When we are saying professional photographer here, we are meaning someone who depends solely on their photography to make a living. A professional photographer has a solid portfolio to represent the specialty that they photograph. 

Top Professional:
$200-$500+ per hour or $250-$1,500 per image

This is the elite group of professional photographers. Many top image makers charge over $10,000 per day or $1,500 for one single photograph. 

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

There are also different prices to charge for the various areas of photography. Here are some average price ranges that may be helpful. 

Wedding Photography: $1,700-$3,500

Wedding photography can have a pretty wide range and it also can depend on the needs of the client. Beginner wedding photographers may just charge $500 while top professionals could ask for $10,000.

Looking for a great place to list your wedding photography business? Check out SnapKnot!  

Senior Portrait Photography: $125-$300

This rate can depend on many factors including the number of locations, clothes changes and the type of print package that your client chooses. 

Local Website Photography: $25-$150 per image

If you are a small local business that is in need of a photographer, finding one in this price range can be pretty easy to do. The specific rate will depend on many different factors like we have discussed already, such as location, the type of photography needed and the production required as well. If the business is just looking to get a image file to use for branding, it may be a cheaper price than a business that wants the photographer to give them a huge photograph blown up to decorate their storefront with. 

And just remember, pricing your photography is so important. If your prices are too high, or even too low, you may not get the business that you want to get. We found this great information in an article on PetaPixel

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Do you still need a little more help with pricing your services? Here is a great guide that we love called "Photographer Pricing Made Easy." This guide is for every type of photographer and will give you over 125 pricing packages in every type of niche you can think of. You can get this awesome guide today for $149.99! 




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