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2 Easy Ways To Stay On Your Clients Radar

When you have a great list of clients, you want to make sure you stay on their radar with new packages and services you offer, and anything else that can help you get referrals or return business. But with that said, you do not want to bother them to the point that they do not want to hear from you again. 

According to the photography guide "How To Make Money With Clients You Already Have," reaching out to them once a month is just enough to stay in the back of their mind so they think of you whenever photos are brought up. 

Today we want to share 2 easy ways that you can stay on your clients radar that come straight out of this guide! If you do these along with your other marketing and business efforts, hopefylly you will see some return customers and new ones coming through by referrals! 

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

1. Send A Small Gift

Sending a little something small is a great way to make your client happy and remind them that you are there if needed. The gift is not something that has to be big, but perhaps purchase a photo button or create photo magnets that you can send to each client. You can customize them with a past photo you took from that client or just make it something generic. 

Another idea is to send a card each year to your client. Perhaps you photographed a newborn session... each year on that child's birthday, send them a birthday card! If you are a wedding photographer, keep track of your clients anniversaries and send them a card. It may take a little planning ahead but keeping past clients happy and on your radar will pay off! 

2. Check In With A Message To See How They Are

If you would prefer not to have a cost associated with staying on your clients radar, you can simply take time and send your clients a quick email or message on Facebook. You are most likely already following past clients and if you see something great happening in their lives, reach out and say hello or congrats! If it is a client you have not talked to in awhile, shoot them a quick email just to say hi and see what is going on in their lives. Just that little gesture is a great reminder for them to you use as their photographer if they have an event or special occasion coming up in the future.  

Staying on your clients radar is so important for your photography business. Perhaps you have a newsletter that goes out a few times a year that tells them new services you offer or shows off some of your most recent work. Whatever it is you do, you will find that you get referrals and repeat clients by taking the time to stay in touch! 

Are you having trouble booking new clients? Are your past clients not coming back? If you're wondering what are you doing wrong and how you can fix it, "How To Make Money With Clients You Already Have" will help you go back and focus on the clients you already have and pull them back in with fresh, unique ideas.  

It will teach you how to gain loyal clients, make them feel special, exceed their expectations and stay on their radars. It also gives you ideas on making money around the holidays. Sample emails, social media statuses and blog posts are included for you to just copy and paste to your clients to make your life easier. Also includes Excel form for easy client organization.


Get this guide today for only $9 (A $62.50 value!)

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Check Out This New SEO For Photographers Course That Can Help You Grow Your Photography Business

Are you a photographer who wants to make more money, while also spending more time doing what you love.... taking photos? Do you love taking photos but the website and blog side of things causes you to stress? No matter what type of photographer you are, whether you take portraits, photograph weddings or travel around the world capturing amazing landscapes, you need to market yourself and your business and SEO is an ideal way to do that. 

You have to check out this all new course called SEO for Photographers: The Complete Course that will teach you how to set up and optimize your website, capitalize on keywords that will bring you increased traffic and revenue (even while you sleep), and build links back to your site which sends signals to Google that you are LEGIT and open for business. You can even get started in a free trial that gives you access to the entire first chapter of the course, the first 6 video lessons. 


Check out this quick video below that tells you a bit more about SEO For Photographers: The Complete Course. 

In this course you will learn how SEO works, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building techniques, technical optimization, key factors for success, keyword research, photography specific SEO, how to monetize your site and advanced SEO techniques. 

Here are some of the things you will get from this course:

  • Lifetime access to 51 video lessons broken up over 8 chapters so you can take the course at your own pace.
  • An advanced track for those that want to go a step further into the world of SEO to make a bigger impact. 
  • Case studies of real photographers that have taken the SEO For Photographers course and what they did to achieve success. 
  • A library of checklists, resources, guides and cheat sheets to help you every step of the way. 


SEO For Photographers: The Complete Course was created by Justin Katz, a Professional landscape photographer, SEO expert, and co-founder of Travelstoked. Justin has been taking photos since he was 13 and had been dreaming of becoming a professional photographer since day one. But like many of you reading this, it wasn’t always easy for him while juggling school, a job, and making time to take photos and so he got burnt out. While working a marketing job to pay the bills, Justin learned about SEO which would change his path (and life) forever!

Be sure to click here and read even more about this great course! SEO For Photographers: The Complete Course will help you learn all you need to know about search engine optimization. 


Consider These 4 Things When Pricing Your Photography

Pricing your photography is so important. We have talked about it before... photography is so popular and it has become much easier over the years for anyone to buy a camera and start taking photos.  Some of you are professional photographers who use your photography to earn a living, some of you may just do your photography on the side, while others may just have a passion for it but are not concerned about making money with your photography

We have talked in the past about how much you should be charging for your photography but today we want to talk about things you need to consider when you are actually trying to set your prices. You need to think about various costs that your business will incur and charge based on that. You want to make sure you are making your income goals and also covering your business expenses. If you do not think about these things when making your prices, sadly, your business may not make it.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Here are 4 questions you want to ask yourself when trying to price your photography. 

1. How much do I wish to earn in a year?

Just like any industry in the arts, whether it be photographers, writers, etc., the average person can make a decent living but will most likely not make a ton of money. The average photographer will make about $30,000 per year, while a small few make the big bucks. Again, that is not just photographers. Think about the popular novelist of our time; not everyone makes the same salary that James Patterson does. 

But remember, if photography is what you are passionate about, and you are up to the challenge of building your business, you can make a decent living. What is better than doing something that you love?  

2. How much are my annual business expenses?

We have touched base on this point for wedding photographers in our recent post "3 Tips To Pricing Your Wedding Photography Packages to Sell." No matter what type of photographer you are, you need to figure out an estimate of what your business expenses will be before you price out your services.

Think about every cost your business will incur. Do you own an office space or studio? If so, you need to include the monthly rent for that as well as any internet, electricity and other items you may need such as decor. You will also need to think about the costs to update, clean and buy equipment. If you use specific computer programs for photo editing or do marketing (which we talk about in #3), those are other costs to think about. Then of course you need to factor in little costs here and there that you will need such as meals and travel expenses you incur while going to photo shoots, weddings or sessions. 

All of these items together can tell you how much you need to make money at the MINIMUM. Based on this number, you will know for sure that you at least need to make this amount to cover your business costs, and anything over that will be yours. 

3. What is the cost to do marketing?

Marketing is very important for your business. This can include everything from the sponsored posts you buy on Facebook or Instagram, Google AdWords, money you spend on bridal shows, marketing materials like fliers, business cards and more. These are essential expenses because marketing yourself and your business is a great way to get new clients and get the word out about what you can offer. 

4. How often do I want to work over the next year?

Based on what your salary goal is over the next year, and all of your different expenses, you need to decide how much you want to work. If you are a wedding photographer, do you want to try and book at least one wedding each week, or two a month? If you do not want to work as much, you need to consider that and remember that will play into how much money you end up making. 


Do you still need a little more help with pricing your services? Here is a great guide that we love called "Photographer Pricing Made Easy." This guide is for every type of photographer and will give you over 125 pricing packages in every type of niche you can think of. You can get this awesome guide today for $149.99! 





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2 Ways To Make Money With Clients You Already Have

Whether you have a great photography business that you have been growing for 20 years or you are just in the first few years of starting yours, it is so important to utilize the clients you have already photographed and worked with over the years. Everyone knows that word-of-mouth and referrals from people you have already photographed are a wonderful way to get new customers. But now-a-days, with the thousands of photographers out there, it can be difficult to find tons of new clients. 

How do you utilize those clients you have already worked with to make more money and find brand new ones along the way? The guide "How To Make Money with Clients You Already Have" is a wonderful eBook that will give you great ways to do this and we wanted to share 2 of those ways with you today. 



1. It All Begins With Customer Service

In order to use your existing clients to find new ones, you have to use excellent customer service in your business all the time. Make sure your clients are happy, they love the work you have done and provided to them, and if they do not, help to figure out a way to make it right. Like we said before, word-of-mouth is very important and we all know that someone is more likely to tell everyone they know if they are unhappy or had an unpleasant experience with a service. 

2. Stay On Your Clients Radar

Social media is huge and is a great way to keep in touch with your past and current clients. Post a sample of a family session and tag your client, comment on posts they make about current things that are going on in their lives. The more they see you and your business in front of them, the more they will remember the great work you did and when a friend or family member asks them about if they know of a photographer, you may just pop into their head since you stay in their radar. 

Also be sure to send out emails with your current specials, really great blog posts you have posted on your website with new photo sessions you have done and even just emails to check in and see if there is anything you can help them with. 


There are SO many more things you can do to make money with clients you already have but we hope these 2 tips have been helpful for you. If you are interested in reading more of this awesome eBook, "How To Make Make Money With Clients You Already Have," you can purchase this guide today for $62.50.

In it, you will learn how to gain loyal clients and exceed their expectations. It also will tell you how to make money around the holidays and gives some great marketing strategies to help you stand out from the competition. There are also sample emails, social media statuses, blog posts and an excel form for easy client organization to make your life easier.  





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