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Why It's Beneficial Not To Include Photography Prices On Your Website

We all know that pricing your photography is one of the most important parts of your business. Your prices can make or break you as a company. You want to make sure you have prices that help you cover all of your business expenses but can also make some profit as well. You also want to set your rates so high that you are above all of your competition but you also don't want to undervalue yourself either. Be sure you check out this blog post on 4 things to consider when you are pricing your photography

Once you have secured your prices, do you include those prices on your website for everyone to see or not? Brooke Bustillos, a photographer who collaborated on the BP4U Guide called "How To Start Your Photography Business," suggests that you DO NOT include your prices on your website. Why, do you ask? Read below to find out. 



What reason does Brooke have for not including your pricing on your website? It is simple.... if you do not have your photography prices online when your customer is doing research, then they HAVE to reach out to you in order to get those prices. This can be very beneficial to your business for this reason: 

Photo credit: Brooke Bustillos

Photo credit: Brooke Bustillos

You Get Their Contact Information

When they reach out to you to find out about your prices, you automatically have gotten an email address, phone number (or both) so that you can keep in touch with that person. Even if they do not book with you right away, who's to say they will not book with you in the next year or two... or the next time someone in their family is looking to take portraits or is in need of a wedding photographer? 

With their contact information, you can add them to your monthly or quarterly newsletters that talk about your business, show off some of your recent work, etc. You can even send them deals, discounts, mini-sessions and other offers you are having throughout the year. Staying in touch with a potential client is always beneficial... you never know when they will need a photographer or know someone else who needs one and will recommend you! 

Do you love this tip and want more to make sure you are prepared with your own photography business? Do you want to know how best to increase your prices and the best things to blog about for your business? How about the best ways to advertise and what social media sites you should be interacting on daily? 

Your photography business is so important and whether you are a new business owner or just looking for some great tips from well-established photographers then "How To Start Your Photography Business" is 133 pages of great tips, suggestions and more that would be perfect for you!




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3 SEO Mistakes That You Do Not Want To Make

Doing great SEO for your business is difficult to do, especially since you are so busy with so many other things. With that said, Search Engine Optimization is very important. You want to optimize your website and blog for that top search rank so potential customers will be able to find you first when doing a quick google search. You must work smarter than your competing photography businesses around you.

There are many common mistakes people make when doing SEO. With many people out there making these mistakes, you want to be sure you do not so you can trump the competition. Here are three mistakes that you should always try to avoid.

You Use Your Name To Optimize

Many photography business names are the actual name of the photographer... for example Ryan Cooper Photography. You want to make sure you are optimizing yourself in a search as your ENTIRE business name, not just your first and last name. Start optimizing your blog and website with your whole business name, and you will most likely find yourself show up high in a google search. 

You Don't Think About What Your Client Would Search For

You have to be able to predict what your target market is likely to search for and you have to make sure you rank for those specific types of searches. Think about what someone who is looking for a portrait photographer would search for. As a photographer yourself, you may think that "portrait photographer" would be the best keyword phrase to use, but is that really what others who are not photographers would think about? Instead, they may search "kid photographer" or "family photographer." And if you rank well for "portrait photography" since that is the label you put all over your website (instead of "family photographer" or "kid photographer," you are going to miss out on a lot of potential traffic.

You Consider Yourself International

Unless you have reached a very specific and high level in the industry, you are not an international photographer. Those who truly have an international presence know who they are (and probably do not need our advice whatsoever). For the rest of the photographers out there, you may book a random travel gig here or there, but keep in mind that your business must first start where you are located.  In order to get yourself started and well known in your location, you need to rank well in your area. You can do this by including a focus in your SEO on targeting your immediate location by mentioning that area in your website copy. You can even do this by getting featured in local publications. With that type of marketing in your region, you have the potential to grow your business great around your region.

If you are doing your marketing online, posting your blogs a few times a week and update your website regularly, you need to make sure your SEO is working the best it can for your business. Make sure you are not making these 3 mistakes so you are marketing to your full potential. 

This article was originally found on FStoppers. If you liked this article, you may also enjoy: 


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4 Things You Must Include On Your Photography Business Website

Having a photography business can be so rewarding. You are doing something you are truly passionate about and getting paid for it! What is better than that? When you have your own business, you want to promote, market and work as best and effeciently as you can. One important factor of any business today is to make sure you are online. You want to have a good online presence with a nicely designed website and you also want to be utilizing all the social media sites as well. 

Are you wondering what type of information you should be including on your photography business website to make it the most effective as you can for getting new business? Today, we will share with you 4 things you must have on your website. 

1. Your Business Name and Contact Information

Number one is so important and so many businesses leave these details off of their website, which can lead to losing business quickly. If you think about it, today's world is online and everyone wants to find information instantly. They do not want to have to search in numerous places to find what they are looking for. If someone is researching possible wedding photographers for their upcoming wedding, and stumble across your website and love the work they see, but can not find a phone number or email address easily, you may lose their business. This is not always the case, but do you really want to test it? 

Be sure you have a page on your website dedicated to all of your contact information. Just having an online contact form does not cut it (but having one along with all of your other contact information is okay)! You want to include your name, company phone number and email address as well as links to all of your social media pages. If you have a studio where you work, you want to include an address to that as well. Make sure there is a link to that contact page at the top of your website homepage so that it can be found and clicked on easily.

Janae Shields Photography is a good example of a contact page that is easy to find and has all the relevant information. 

2. Samples Of Your Work

What is a photography website without showing off any of your photography? Showcase a little of all the different types of photography you do. If a client comes to your website looking to hire you to photograph a sports event, and all they see is samples of wedding photos, they may decide to look elsewhere. If you are a well-rounded photographer and have many specialties, awesome! But make sure you include samples of everything you do. Your website is a place for you to showoff the excellent work you do, so don't be afraid to showcase your talent! 

3. An About You Page

If someone is hiring a photographer for a special event or moment in their life, it is important to show them who you are personally and professionally before they hire you. You always want to make sure you are the perfect fit for your client and the only way to do that is to make sure you get along and understand each others needs. Have a page on your website that talks about you. How you found your love of photography, details about your family and children as well as other passions you have in life. This is also a wonderful place to talk about your personal photography style. 

A great example of a nice about page is from George Street Photo and Video. It talks about how the company was founded, the people it includes, a short video as well as other awards and accolades they have won. 

4. Fresh Content

Now-a-days, simply having a website is not enough. It is great to have a blog where you regularly post new, fresh content. Regularly does not in any way mean that you have to post daily, but updating your blog once a week - or even twice a month if you struggle to find the time - is good. Posting photos of recent photo shoots, weddings or landscapes you have taken are great post ideas. You can also do informational type posts. For example, as a wedding photographer, provide your tips on what couples should be asking their photographer before they book them. If you love photographing animals, come up with a great post with tips on how to make them the best they can possibly be. 

Throughout that content, you want to make sure you also keep SEO in mind which you can do with keyword phrases throughout your website and blog posts as well as making sure all of your photos have Alt and Title tags on them. All of this helps optimize you in Google's search.  


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